For most of his adult life Jeff has served in local churches whether as a full time staff member or volunteer in church plants.

Since an early age he has known that he was called to speak and communicate.  At the age of 20 he wanted to turn that gift into a passion of TV and radio broadcasting which included an internship at the local college radio station.  In the midst of that on air journey God redirect his plans.  Jeff transferred from the local state university to finish his education at Lee University to study pastoral ministry.

Jeff  has a passion for communicating hope and help threaded with the love of God and faith in the voice of the guy next door.

Jeff is a husband and dad of five: 3 biological, 2 bonus blessings.

He takes pride in being a husband, a dad, a follower of Jesus and a coffee drinker.

He is a die-hard Cubs fan who broke down and unashamedly cried in 2016 at the winning of the World Series.

Jeff and his wife Rachael currently lead a young adult ministry in Cleveland, TN called thirtyBELOW.