I wish I’d never been born.

After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day he was born.
Job 3:1

I wish I'd never.png

Call it a slip of the tongue.  Call it a verbal foupa. Call it what you like but we have all said it…
“What the…I wish I had never been born.”

You can fill in the blank with whatever word choice flies off your tongue in monumental moments of frustration.  But in truth we have all done it.

I do not think Job’s statement translates exact, but I think it is pretty close.  Job lost everything, literally everything barring a wife that encouraged her husband to call it quits. She made the suggestion to curse God and die. Lots of love in that tent.

Now most of have not lost the family fortune and every one of our children. Most of us do not sit and fester with sores all over our body while be less than encouraged by your friends, but Job did.

And after this “Job opened his mouth and…” out came the unthinkable.  Job wished he’d never been born.  Job saw no way out of his situation and simply wished he’d never been born into it.

We all have breaking points in the journey.  We all face days of hardship and hell.  We all in some way can side with Job.  And in more truth, most of us never get to where Job got.

Yet what we learn from Job is wrapped is these words:

God might kill me, but I have no other hope.
I am going to argue my case with him.

Job 13:15

Job was willing to reach a place most of us never reach. A point of physical and spiritual desperation.  Job resolved that even if God struck him down.  Even if his loss became loss of life he had no other place to put his hope.  Job was willing to petition the only one who could possibly reverse his situation.

I have never walked where Job walked.  I have never faced insurmountable loss. I pray I never do.  But this I walk away with that even if it kills me, in my desperate moments I can take my case before Christ. In my hurt, my struggle, the very moments of life that feel as though I want to curse the very day I was brought into existence, there also comes the belief that even if it were to cost me everything, I have no other place to place my hope.

Even if it kills me, I will still put my hope in him.



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